Valentina Garau

Both born and based in Sardinia I’ve decided to create a link between my creations and this ancient and Mediterranean island. All my creations are specifically generated from an accurate research on cultural and mythological existences spread out the land. I draw my inspiration also from my studies in history of art and my previous career as a contemporary dancer. I can then recall at the origins of my organic and earthy sensibility different sources: the practice of movement as an opportunity for transformation, my passion for Sardinian territorial geography and for all the handcraft textiles and creations I grow up sorounded with. I hand select arhaic stones and let them drive me to find their final shapes in our era. I hand craft all my creations and this is what, I think, makes them deeply personal and connected to the history of this island and the prople. Throughout the years I have created different collections gathered together in an unique gaze on the island. This allows my customers to combine and layer different pieces that create an unique combination of myths, symbols, tradition and tales.