This line of jewelry is the outcome of a project on Memory that began some time ago through a process of research and investigation into old fragments from ancient family outfits; portions of fabrics and embroideries that, despite being only partially legible in their original design today, still reveal great strength and delicacy. A fascination that is difficult to describe and that conveys both wisdom and amazement, revealed by the innumerable and complicated combinations of textures and weaves. The main intent of the project is therefore to intervene both on the conservation and on the enhancement of these traces of beauty from the original distinctive features that characterize the historical heritage of Sardinian craftsmanship. Through a relentless work of experimentation on the fusion of metal and on the forms of embroidery and the oldest fragments, the first works in silver were created, with the intention of bringing back to life those precious "pieces" rich in history and harmony. The shapes obtained never seem to be static because they follow the delicate rhythm of the "aged " fabrics, leading the flow of light along the countless and changing facets of the surfaces, animated by a continuous glow. Each fragment follows its own linear flexuosity, expressive of a personality that easily communicates, in harmony and in relation, with the surrounding context. They are forms with an "organic" and "open" character that evoke images and emotions belonging to tradition and memory. An experimentation which is still evolving was developed from this research.